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The Kbiosystems E-Gecko

kbiosystems barcode application automated systems offer the ideal solution to high throughput to the single application of barcode labels to plates racks and Petri dishes.
kbiosystems eGecko Barcode Application systems utilise robust and proven custom designed label printer in association with CAB print engines, the eGecko system is a completely integrated combined printer and application unit in one, with only the need for electrical supply.
With easy swap head operation you can apply labels to flat and curved surfaces with simple change.
Using a fully integrated PC eGecko allows you to connect live to your network LIMs system to allow data transfer and validation of application label. Using the on board optional verification mode you can print and verify all labels to ensure no unreadable labels enter your work flow.
Using Z axis motion we offer the integrators ultimate applicator with no need to adjust between plate types and label position simply call the application macro and apply the label. This motion allows the use of ultra shallow to deep well blocks, to petri dishes, to multi labels
per face. Z axis drive also allows us to move and verify labels rather than a static single try barcode reader.

Key Features

Operator Friendly Easy to program and operator and integrator friendly
Versatile Able to use multiple plastic ware manufactures plates across applications.
Ability to apply to SBS plate types or flat surfaces or curved surfaces such as petri dishes.
Reliable Engineered with robustness in mind

System Requirements

Control Fully automated with own PC control
Applications Individual internal generation of labels
Works directly with OEM label creation software via application card
Software Individual programmable macros stored in PC.
Dimensions: W: 355mm,
D: 325mm + 140mm plate rotate,
H: 340mm + 165mm With Screen fitted
Comms lead: 3m RS232 (3 wire 2,3 and 5 connection non twisted) + USB hub
Comms driver: Supplied with KBio communication protocol

(√) Standard (O) Optional (X) Not available Gecko SBS Gecko Petri
Integrated with CAB Print engine √ √
Thermal media transfer labels √ √
Direct thermal transfer labels √ √
360° rotation of application faces √ √
Z axis automatically set via control software √ √
Barcode Verification reader √(O) √(O)
Remote communication access √ √
Constant label detection up to application √ √
Automatic plate feeder compatible √(O) √(O)
Integration plates for automation connection √(O) √(O)

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