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The Kbiosystems Scorpion

kbiosystems Plate Handling Series of automated and semi automated systems offer the ideal entry level automation laboratories require for a reliable, consistent plate and tube handling.
kbiosystems plate handling range in offer the user the ability to step up to automated plate handling to a number of OEM equipment. The
Scorpion comes in four formats feeding to either left or right hand sides, the plate is handled in portrait format allowing the use of non lid and with lid plates.
Offering complete versatility, the Scorpion will work with a wide range of plates, tube racks and custom applications shallow and deep well
formats. Plate re stack option allows the user if feeding and retrieving plates from a secondary piece of equipment and the need for defined plate stack orientation, the plates can internally be reprocessed into their original line format.
Scorpion comes in 4 standard formats, these are standard left or right feed, offering side placement from plate centre to plate centre of
a maximum arc to 280mm or the extended version (XT) left or right feed, offering side placement from plate centre to plate centre of a maximum arc to 342mm.

Key Features

Operator Friendly: Easy to program and operator and integrator friendly
Versatile: Able to use multiple plastic ware manufactures plates across applications.
Reliable: Engineered with robustness in mind

System Requirements

Applications: handles plates with or without lids
Data Control: Direct integration via RS232 link
Software: Proprietary firmware and application driver
Plate type: All SBS footprint applications, and range of racks.

Plate Hive
96 well plate formats √
384 well plate well formats √
1536 well plate well formats √
Handles lids √
Deep well blocks √
Integration ready √
Customdesign service √
Plate height range 7 to 48mm √

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